5 Essential Facts to Consider: Maverick XR-50 vs ThermoWorks Smoke

When it comes to perfecting your BBQ skills, the key to succulent, tender meat lies in mastering temperature control. The right meat thermometer makes all the difference.

Today, we’re comparing two of the most highly-rated BBQ thermometers on the market: the Maverick XR-50 and the ThermoWorks Smoke.

We’ll dive deep into their features, performance, and overall value to help you make an informed decision.

Maverick XR-50 Overview

The Maverick XR-50 is a digital remote thermometer that’s gained popularity for its extended range, four-probe capability, and excellent durability. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone who enjoys low and slow smoking or grilling large cuts of meat.

The device’s extended 500-foot range allows you to monitor your BBQ from a distance, ensuring you don’t miss a beat while entertaining guests. Plus, the four probes enable simultaneous monitoring of multiple meat cuts or ambient grill temperatures. The device is also praised for its strong, water-resistant construction, ensuring long-term use.

ThermoWorks Smoke Overview

On the other hand, ThermoWorks Smoke offers precision and simplicity in a robust, user-friendly package. Known for its high-accuracy readings and dual probe capability, the Smoke thermometer is a favorite amongst both amateur and professional pitmasters.

Smoke’s claim to fame is its high precision, with a +/- 1.8°F margin of error, ensuring your meats are cooked to perfection every time. The device’s two probes allow for dual monitoring, and the 300-foot range keeps you connected. The design, with its large display and intuitive controls, is both simple and effective, making it incredibly easy to use.

Feature Comparison: Maverick XR-50 vs ThermoWorks Smoke

Comparing features head-to-head, both devices offer crucial capabilities for BBQ enthusiasts. The Maverick XR-50 edges out in range and probe count, whereas ThermoWorks Smoke takes the cake with its high accuracy and simple user interface.

In terms of connectivity, both devices use RF signals to connect to their respective receivers, ensuring reliable communication even through walls. However, neither offer smartphone connectivity, so fans of digital integration might be left wanting more.

If you’re caught in the Maverick XR-50 vs ThermoWorks Smoke dilemma, here are five essential facts to consider when deciding.

1. Accuracy is Key: ThermoWorks Smoke Takes the Lead

Both the Maverick XR-50 and ThermoWorks Smoke are reputable for their temperature accuracy, but the Smoke pulls ahead slightly. Known for its precision, the Smoke provides readings within a +/- 1.8°F margin of error. The Maverick XR-50 also offers consistent accuracy, though not quite as tight as the Smoke. If precision is your top concern, ThermoWorks Smoke has the edge.

2. Quantity vs. Quality: Probes Count Matters

The number of probes in a thermometer is a crucial factor to consider. More probes mean you can monitor different meats or cooking zones simultaneously. The Maverick XR-50 excels here with four probes compared to Smoke’s two. If you’re often cooking different cuts or types of meat at once or want to monitor both meat and grill temperature simultaneously, the Maverick XR-50 will serve you well.

3. Connectivity and Range: Maverick XR-50 Shines

The Maverick XR-50 boasts a massive range of up to 500 feet, almost double that of the Smoke’s 300 feet. Both devices use RF signals for communication, offering more reliable connections through walls compared to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi options. If you frequently move around your home or yard while cooking, the extra range of the Maverick XR-50 could be a game-changer.

4. User Experience: Simple and Effective Wins with ThermoWorks Smoke

When it comes to user interface, ThermoWorks Smoke is straightforward and intuitive. The large display and easy-to-navigate buttons make it user-friendly, even for beginners. On the other hand, the Maverick XR-50, while not difficult to use, can be slightly more complex due to its additional features. If ease of use is high on your list, ThermoWorks Smoke takes the prize.

5. Value for Money: A Balance of Features and Price

Comparing prices, the Maverick XR-50 comes in a bit cheaper than the ThermoWorks Smoke. However, the Smoke’s higher price tag is justified by its reputation for durability and precision. If budget is a concern, Maverick XR-50 offers good value. But if you’re willing to invest a little more for quality and durability, the ThermoWorks Smoke could be the better choice.


The Maverick XR-50 and ThermoWorks Smoke are both excellent choices when it comes to BBQ thermometers. The decision ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you require a more extensive range, more probes, and a budget-friendly option, the Maverick XR-50 is your go-to. However, if you’re looking for precision, simplicity, and are ready to invest in durability, ThermoWorks Smoke will not disappoint.

Remember, the right thermometer doesn’t just measure the temperature; it elevates your cooking experience, transforming you from a good cook to a great one. So, consider these facts, understand your requirements, and make your choice wisely. Happy grilling!

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